About Groton Pixel Farm


Groton Pixel Farm is located in Groton’s historic Brazer/Kilbourne House, originally built by William Brazer around 1820 as an imported goods store. The house was then occupied by Jeremiah Kilbourne, the town’s hat-maker, who turned to farming upon his retirement. Mr. Kilbourne kept cows and grew corn in a field that is now used by the town for baseball games, summer concerts, and Independence Day fireworks displays.

In Groton, we have found the most welcoming and supportive community ever to need a top-quality web design boutique. We look forward to serving the community for many years to come, helping to improve communications, to promote local businesses, and to boost the economy and profile of the town and our surrounding service area in North-Central Massachusetts.

Design Philosophy

On the farm, we are serious about the business of agricultural metaphors. Our websites are seeded with smart designs, nurtured through growth over time, and periodically trimmed and pruned to maintain focus and timeliness. We can also cultivate your virtual storefronts, blogs, social media campaigns, and other elements of your online identity.

Executive Design Technician

Greg R. Fishbone has been designing websites for nearly twenty years, and for the last ten he has served as webmaster and tech advisor for the New England regions of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. He regularly gives workshops and consultations on web marketing and is an expert at blogging and social media. As a published author of books for young readers, Greg combines his deep technical knowledge with a creative flair.

What’s a Pixel?

Pixels are the basic building blocks of any window, text, or image on your screen. Wherever possible, we use only the best quality organic all-natural pixels in our websites.