Monitoring the security of a website is a big task. Our cybersecurity service will help you to be proactive in keeping your site and your data safe.

Emailgate and you

Email has become a hot topic recently, with a string of headlines about that one presidential candidate who used a private email server for government business, combined work and private emails from a single account, produced an archive of digital-native

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Who wants to hack your website (and why)?

These days, almost as soon as a new site goes online, it will be probed and prodded by attackers from all over the world. Who are these people, and what do they want?

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Is your iCloud password in danger?

This week, Groton Pixel is advising clients to take note of an emerging threat to accounts on Apple’s iCloud, the virtual drive you may have gotten with your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or iTunes.

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Red alert!

malware warning

At 3AM on this past Sunday morning, warning bells began sounding at the Groton Pixel farmhouse. One after another, client site scanners emailed their alerts to the mobile phone on my nightstand. I woke to a long list of pages and plugins with links to

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