Colors of the Season

Print and fashion designers worldwide rely on Pantone’s Color Institute to set the colors of the season. The Fall/Winter season we’re in now is notable for colors that pair, highlight, or accessorize well with Radiant Orchid, a light purple that was declared to be 2014’s Color of the Year.

Radiant Orchid Color of the Year in 2014.

Orchids can use Radiant Orchid backgrounds as a natural camouflage.

For web design, we don’t recommend trendy colors just because they are trendy colors. Fortunately, colors that go well enough together for a seasonal clothing line will also go well enough together to give your website an enduring appeal. Pick any two or three of these are some very nicely matched hues to make your site stylish enough for the runways of Paris, Milan, or Harajuku.

Just keep in mind that any colors you use will vary slightly in appearance on individual user screens.

Pantone calls it Fall/Winter 2014, but for us it’s…

Color Palette A:

Hex: B163A3

Radiant Orchid

Hex: C49FBA

Mauve Mist

Hex: 9D3158


Hex: B93A3E

Aurora Red

Hex: DBB960

Misted Yellow

Hex: 886159


Hex: 525B41


Hex: 3F448C

Royal Blue

Hex: 355E91

Bright Cobalt

Hex: A593A1

Sea Fog

Hex: 9C9688


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